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Advanced audio Production 37100

Advanced audio production focuses on the specific techniques and strategies used by working professionals during the post-production process using the industry DAW standard software, Pro Tools.

Audio Production 27100

Audio Production focuses on the audio production process from planning before going on set, production audio recording and post production following the mixing guidelines for film and television.

Building our SFX. library mini course

The course focuses on capturing recording techniques, and digital organization of sound effects and ambiences for public usage.

Audio Post production 3700

This course began as an experimental course focused on postproduction. It later became Advanced Audio Production 37100.

Location Sound Mixing 2700

This course explores the technical and aesthetic methods when recording on location through collaborations with the Fiction Field course.

Sound cart mini course

The course is particularly focused on the technical aspects of Zaxcom products, IFB and wireless systems applied to location audio recording.

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